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Tumaini Friends School Primary School Registered in March 2022. The school is under Streetkids International Organisation. The main aim of the school is provide quality education academically and extra curricula activities and also promoting our cultures. 



Love with no condition,

To love without condition,

To talk without intention,

To give without reason,

To care without expectation; that’s the spirit of true love. 

Providing education with the foundation of love and encouraging pupils to be independent adults

It is located in Mwandege, Mkuranga Pwani Region it has a peaceful and good environment for learning


  • A School are private combine both nursery and primary level of education 

  • Contain all gender of students boys and girls ( mixed )

  • Also school of daycare for babies.

  • Our English medium school is private and we provide nursery and primary education.


  • We have a Montessori daycare for babies ages 1 and above. 


Give us a call:
+255 758829166



For Registration please print and fill out the documents (6 pages). Please bring them personal to our school office. Karibu na Asante!

School Calendar 

Here you find the school calendar 2022 to 2023 for download.


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